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At T9 Fire, we are dedicated to providing fire safety solutions that are designed to make a significant difference in the event of a fire. We supply, install, and maintain smoke and fire curtain systems that are suitable for both new and existing buildings.

Our Services Include:

  • Supply of top-tier smoke and fire curtain systems
  • Expert installation of these systems, ensuring seamless integration with your building architecture
  • Regular maintenance to ensure your systems remain operational and effective, providing critical protection when you need it the most

Smoke and fire curtains play an indispensable role in fire safety, particularly in slowing down the spread of fire and smoke across a building. This, in turn, buys precious time for safe emergency evacuation, greatly reducing the risk to human life.

Our gravity fail-safe curtains are engineered to automatically deploy in the event of a fire, acting as a robust barrier against the spread of smoke and fire. These innovative systems, coupled with our commitment to continuous improvement, underscore our mission to enhance safety within your property.

T9 Fire is the organization you can trust for comprehensive safety solutions. We prioritize the well-being of your property and everyone residing within it. We understand the importance of a safe environment, and our holistic solutions are designed to ensure the highest safety standards. With T9 Fire, you can rest assured that your property and its occupants are in safe hands.